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SGD DUBU – Edgewater, NJ

This was part of my mother’s friends journey across all cuisines available in America. Obviously wanting to giver her amazing view to take back with her on her travels, I wanted to expose her to the culture we have to offer here in our neck of the woods.

We decided to take her to SGD DUBU known for its healthy spins on Korean classics.  They served up everything in the classic Korean BBQ Style, pickled this, picked that, take a look.




This is the Pork Bugogi. If was very good and full of flavor. But it was overly spicy! I did enjoy the nice crunch from all the vegetables.


This was the beef bugogi.  This perhaps was the most disappointing.  It was flavorful, but you didn’t really get the whole effect of letting the beef caramelize while it cooked.  The cuts weren’t all that great either.


This is the Chicken Teriyaki.  This by far was the best dish, The chicken was cut well and cook well.  The flavors were nice and strong.

This place gets a 2.5 out of 5. Overall the experience was a bit of a let down.  I wouldn’t suggest going here for Korean BBQ but I do think I’ll be back to try something else on their menu.   The service was alright, they were very busy on this night.



Food Reviews

Pier 115 – Edgewater, NJ

If you’re feeling Bougise, Pier 115 is the place for you! Seriously when you drive into the lot it looks a lot like an abandoned area, making you question if you’re even in the right place. But after the confusion gets prepared for as they put it “world class views”, see below.


I am not going to lie. It is quite breathtaking. I did not take any pictures of my drinks but if you must know I was having a Cuba Libre, and their drinks are quite strong as a comparison please see the above picture. Blurry AF.



I want to give a shout out to my friend who provided some killer lighting for my food pictures, you’re the real MVP. Anyway, this was the half Margarita/half pepperoni thin crust pie. The crust was nice and crisp, the cheese was very good, not overly salty, not bland either. It balanced well with the tomato sauce and the fresh basil leaves added a nice touch. The pepperoni was great! Nice and spicy! Do I think this pie was out of this world? Not exactly, but I would order this again.


These are the Lamb Lollipops served with artichoke, artichoke puree, and chimichurri. The lamb chops were a tad small in my opinion and not the best cuts, furthermore, they were under seasoned. But my friend found them delicious. The artichokes were full of flavor, I’m assuming this is where all the flavor went. Would I order this again? Probably not, I would eat the artichokes off of someone else’s plate.


These are the BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders, topped with crispy onions and pickles. The sliders in flavor were good. They were cold when they arrived at the table and the bread was too stale to compliment the slider. I don’t think I’d ever order this again.

To be honest I don’t think I’d ever come here again. The food isn’t all that great and since I have an amazing view from my apartment there is nothing really appealing to this place for me.

This place gets a 3 out of 5 from me. The drinks were good, the view is nice, and the service was good as well. If you’re into the lifestyle of going to Boogie places for the sake of it, maybe check it out if you have time.


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Malecón – Washington Heights, NYC

My mom’s friend was here visiting not too long ago, her ultimate mission was to try all the cuisines NYC and its surrounding areas had to offer. Given my mother’s love for all things Dominican, so much so that my brother is half Dominican. We decided to venture up to Washington Heights. El Malecon serves up traditional Dominican Cuisine is a welcoming setting.


They gave us free bread. I mean is there anything better than toast bread served with butter. The bread was nice and warm. There was a lot more bread in this basket but it completely slipped my mind, I just honestly have no self-control when it comes to bread.


This is the side salad we ordered. If was huge. If there is one anything I can say about this place is that the serving sizes are generous.


This are the Tostones. I could eat these all day long. The exterior was nice and crispy enough to hear the crunch in each bite. In interior of these we nice and soft cooked just to the right point. I mean it would be a damn shame if I came to a Dominican restaurant that did not know its way around a green plantain.


This is the most amazing rice is have ever tried. It was full of flavor and very aromatic. With lentils, and peppers to give this dish an amazing taste.


This was the amazing, delectable, juicy, rotisserie chicken. the meat just fell off the bone. The skin! Well just look at it! So crispy, so crunchy, so yummy.


At last. You didn’t think I would stop at a Dominican place without trying the mofongo, now did you. I obviously had to get the shot with a Presidente in the background. The mofongo was one of the best I’ve had. Nice and crisp on the outside. but soft on the inside. The green plantains were well mashed. There were no odd lumps and the smoother parts were perfect. The mofongo was not overly greasy as many tend to be and you did get the pork flavor throughout.

Overall this place gets a 5 out of 5. Their food was delicious and authentic. The hospitality, as is in most Dominican places, spectacular and welcoming. The service was even better. Being a group of 5 we asked our server to bring us enough food for all of us. and she did! there was the perfect amount of food for us. There was nothing left over but we were also incredibly full. Check this place out!

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La Contenta NYC

After a long night of partying like it was 1999. Some friends and I decided to stop for some food. We stumbled upon La Contenta, located in the Lower East Side of NYC. It is a cozy Mexican restaurant with a very welcoming atmosphere.


This was the Michelada Al Pastor with beer, hot sauce, homemade pineapple sauce, lime, and salt pork skin around the rim. This drink was sour and salty and spicy deliciously wonderful while it lasted. This concoction did not mix well with my stomach so I probably will not order it again but it was very delicious.


These are the tacos de carne asada with grilled hanger steak, guacamole, and pico de gallo. I’m sorry the picture is so blurry but like I mentioned it was a very fun night. The steak was seasoned perfectly and so tender to the bite. The guacamole was paired well though I think you could have used a little bit more lime. I never know how to feel about tacos without cheese the tacos didn’t need the cheese but I definitely missed.

This place gets a 4 out of 5. Overall this place was nice, it had great service, I definitely felt welcomed even though we stumbled in at about 1 in the morning, we made it just in time to order food I would love to revisit this place. Check it out if you can!

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Burgerfi – Seacacus, NJ

After my boyfriend and I hangerly made our way through the PetSmart in Secaucus. Located in that same shopping plaza is Burgerfi, a burger joint. Reminiscent of Shake Shack but priding itself on using fresh natural ingredients with an emphasis on quality. To be completely honest, I am growing very tired of this kind of aesthetic, open and warehouse looking doesn’t do it. It just comes off as lack of effort, or trying to ride on some other branding’s coattails.especially when Shake Shack has pulled it off so well.



These are the salt and vinegar fries. They were okay. They could have used more seasoning. I was impressed by the quantity of fries in an order. Though do beware that this establishment uses peanut oil, something that I only noticed after I ordered. They have one small sign posted behind the registers stating this. I, being allergic to peanuts, had to be very conscious of how much ingesting. This by far put a damper on my experience. At least I am fortunate enough that I was able to tolerate eating some of the fries but others may not be so lucky.


This is the burgerfi cheese burger in a single: natural American Angus burger, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and burgerfi sauce served on potato bread. At first I felt the burger to be overly oily, turns out it’s was just the burgerfi sauce. I don’t think the sauce did anything for flavor, if anything I overwhelmed the burger for me. I did enjoy that they used potato bread. It was the best part of the sandwich.

This place gets a 3 out of 5. It wasn’t terrible but it didn’t stand out. I’d maybe eat a burger from here again without the sauce.


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River Edge Diner – River Edge, NJ

Nice buns…

The River Edge Diner is a trendy American Diner located in River Edge New Jersey. I’ve been hearing for a very long time that their food is amazing and I wanted to check it out for myself.


My search for the perfect French dip is still ongoing. Though this one was executed well, the traditional French dip is made with stale bread and even though it was toasted it did not have the same intended effect. The bread was still too soft on the inside. A positive point of the sandwich is the meat was not tough and could be biten through with out much effort.


This is the Bistro Burger served with grilled tomato, feta cheese, and caramelized balsamic onions and fries on the side. Not pictured are the caramelized balsamic onions which were left out. This was quickly remedied once I pointed it out. And thank goodness I did. My first impression of the burger was that I was bland in flavor but the onions really took this burger from loser to winner. The burger was not greasy nor overly wet. I am not usually a fan of tomatoes in burgers but the Chard really added to the flavor. The creaminess from the feta balanced the sweetness from the onions. The fried were good, I do wish that this dish came with hand cut fries. Nameing it the Bistro Burger to pair it with frozen fries removed from the experience, in my opinion. But they were good.

This place gets its 3.75 out of 5, with its you modern look after Renovations and outdoor seating this perfect place to come grab brunch with your friends.


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River House – Edgewater, NJ

No more Mr. Rice guy…

River House is a Chinese Cuisine restaurant located at 725 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020. Having opened only a few weeks ago I was obviously curious to try out this establishment.

It’s aesthetic is industrial looking away with a modern twist similarly to the other restaurants located in this complex.


For starters we were offered pickled cabbage carrots and squash along with some chips. Which was nice. The dipping sauces complemented very well.


This is the played fried rice it was cooked very very well. That way I felt it was under seasoned but how perfectly each grain of rice was cooked definitely made up for them.


This is the sizzling chicken pot. Served with green beans and onions with sweet and sour sauce. This dish was spectacular! Combined with the rice was a medley of flavors! The chicken was cooked expertly.

This place gets a 4.75 out of 5. great food great service great Ambiance and perfect city views what more could you ask for. If you find yourself in the neighborhood I would highly recommend stopping by and trying this place out.