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Ming II – Morristown, NJ Review

I’m Ming II deep…

Ming II is located at 3 Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960.  Serves pan-Asian cuisine with specialties in Indo-Chinese, Malay, and Thai favorites, the Chef prepares a wide array of delicacies that are unique to his Calcutta upbringing. The restaurant itself is a bit confusing to get to. It is located in the main lobby of the Morristown Hyatt. I read up on this place before going–  I was very excited! Zagat Rated, a well-known chef, pan -Asian fusion, what more could a girl want. The overall ambiance of the restaurant is nice and intimate, but the lighting of the restaurant is incredibly dark, which I found off-putting. It is a small dining area, very quiet, nice for larger groups of friends dining together.


This is a pink grapefruit and rosewater mojito. It was VERY good! The balance of the citrus with the blend of the rosewater and mint created a wonderful concoction. (Beware this drink has a sharp bitter taste.) It would have benefited from a ring of sweetness around the rim, but I enjoyed it none the less.


I ordered the Chicken and Eggplant its had shredded chicken, eggplant, garlic, spring onion, and oyster sauce.  This dish tasted superb, the chicken it was cooked well, though, a little overdone for my preference, but, the flavors worked well together.  This dish also came with some Jasmine rice, which was cooked just a little too sticky to my taste.


My dining companion ordered the Oriental Lamb which consisted of shredded lamb, bamboo shoot, mushroom, bell pepper, & dry sherry. The dish tasted amazing.  The lamb was very tender and sliced thinly! It had a wonderful sweet and spicy flavor which I enjoyed very much.  I appreciated the variety of textures.

This place gets a 4 out of 5.  Overall the restaurant was very good! Everything tasted excellent. This place is great for a family style dinner or lunch with pals. But for the hype & the journey, it took to get there, I expected more.  The flavors were great but not anything you wouldn’t find at another Asian fusion place.  The ambiance and service were terrific, I would definitely visit this place again.



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