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The Cast Iron Pot – Cliffside Park, NJ Review

You could be my Seoul-mate…

The Cast Iron Pot is located at 356 Bergen Blvd, Fairview, NJ 07022. Specializing in Korean BBQ, this is a large location equipped to handle large appetites. From what I saw, it may not be great for larger groups. I did enjoy the restaurants aesthetic which made it feel like we were actually in a BBQ place in Seoul, with K-pop videos playing the background, and some traditional drinks on the menu, I was sold.


This was my Soju, some kimchi, bean sprouts, onion, and broccoli on the cast iron.


I would like to point out how nice crisp the lettuce was, which helped round out the meal. The vinaigrette the used on this was genius!


This is the beef bulgogi, marinated chicken, and Spicy pork bulgogi. Let me just say, upon tasting this, I was transported back to being in Seoul. Everything tasted marvelous. The beef bulgogi was seasoned just right, with a very rich soy and garlic flavor that cooked stupendously creating a delicious Maillard reaction on the beef. The spicy pork was amazing! A tad spicy for me but after a couple of bites I was on board. The chicken was good, juicy and flavorful. My only suggestion for the meal, they should offer rice as part of the spread. To order rice is an upcharge.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good meat gif?

Overall, this place gets a 4 out of 5. I think everyone should try Korean BBQ at least once in their lives, so go check this place out!



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