Food Reviews

SEAK – Edgewater, NJ

Seak and you shall find…

SEAK or South Eastern Asian Kitchen is located 725 River Rd Unit #30, Edgewater, NJ 07020, in the store complex with the Trader Joe’s. They specialize in cuisine from Thailand and Vietnam. The overall feel of the restaurant is very open and industrial looking, with some color through the artwork along the walls. There is also a wonderful view of the city.



This is the Tom Yum Soup, consisting of Thai Chilli, Kaffir Lime, gaiangi, cherry tomatoes, Thai eggplant, & mushrooms. According to my friend “It was very good, not as spicy as they said, but very flavorful. The Thai eggplant was a little tough but that is the way it’s supposed to be.”


These are the Grilled Garlic Shrimp Summer Rolls, with mint, vermicelli, spring mix, and peanut sauce. The rolls were a nice size, they tasted great, and the shrimp were cooked perfectly and they were a pretty decent size. The peanut sauce complimented the dish well.


This is my new favorite flavor of bubble tea. This is the Lychee, with its tarty and sour taste is the enough to quench any thirst. It was a little on the sweeter side for my tastes, but it was not overwhelming.


This is the Kao Pad with chicken, fried jasmine, egg, cucumber, Thai chili, basil, scallion, and cilantro. The rice was cooked very well. But that is honestly the only good thing I can say about this dish. There was an overall damp aroma in the dish that I did not enjoy. On top of that, the Thai chili was overpowering every other flavor. Had I not ordered the Lychee to counterbalance this dish, I don’t think I would have been able to eat any of it. In full disclosure, my friend ordered this same dish but with shrimp and she finished the whole meal, maybe I just had a bad batch.

Overall this place gets a 3.5 out of 5. The service was good, and my friends seemed to genuinely enjoy their meals.



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