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Cinco de Drinko de Gringo de Mayo – Gringos Tacos – Jersey, NJ

For Cinco de Mayo, a friend decided we should go to Gringo’s Tacos, in Jersey City, NJ. Branding itself as a modern taqueria offering spins on Mexican dishes.


This was the 32oz margarita. It sure packed a punch! It was loaded with tequila, to be honest that was the only thing I tasted, which for the purpose of Cinco de Mayo, I guess was good.


These were the chips and guacamole. It was okay, lacking in salt and flavor. For the most part I hate eating guac anywhere. No one ever seems to do it just right.


These are the Kim Jong Un Tacos, Korean Style short rib, served with spicy red cabagge, and scallions. I am not entirely sure what the yellow and white stuff are since they’re were not listed. This left much to be desired. The tortilla favor completely over powered everything else. Every aspect was lacking in flavor.


This was the cocktail flight

  • Rubi Rosa: mezcal, guava, pineapple, ruby red grape fruit and cinnamon –
  • El Chapo: Serrano infused blanco tequila, blood orange, and lime
  • Nacho Mamas Sangria – Red Pomegranate

It was okay. Nothing out of this world.

This place gets a 2.75 out of 5. My experience wasn’t all that great, and the service kinda sucked. I did appreciate the effort they put into the theme of the restaurant. You get exaclty what you’d expect from a place called Gringo’s Tacos. I did not particularly enjoy the crowd there that day (I got punched in the Boob – thank goodness I decided to wear a bra) but hey, what else can you expect from Cinco de Mayo. Also we ordered the Gringo Tacos and those never arrived.



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