Food Reviews

River House – Edgewater, NJ

No more Mr. Rice guy…

River House is a Chinese Cuisine restaurant located at 725 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020. Having opened only a few weeks ago I was obviously curious to try out this establishment.

It’s aesthetic is industrial looking away with a modern twist similarly to the other restaurants located in this complex.


For starters we were offered pickled cabbage carrots and squash along with some chips. Which was nice. The dipping sauces complemented very well.


This is the played fried rice it was cooked very very well. That way I felt it was under seasoned but how perfectly each grain of rice was cooked definitely made up for them.


This is the sizzling chicken pot. Served with green beans and onions with sweet and sour sauce. This dish was spectacular! Combined with the rice was a medley of flavors! The chicken was cooked expertly.

This place gets a 4.75 out of 5. great food great service great Ambiance and perfect city views what more could you ask for. If you find yourself in the neighborhood I would highly recommend stopping by and trying this place out.



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