Food Reviews

Burgerfi – Seacacus, NJ

After my boyfriend and I hangerly made our way through the PetSmart in Secaucus. Located in that same shopping plaza is Burgerfi, a burger joint. Reminiscent of Shake Shack but priding itself on using fresh natural ingredients with an emphasis on quality. To be completely honest, I am growing very tired of this kind of aesthetic, open and warehouse looking doesn’t do it. It just comes off as lack of effort, or trying to ride on some other branding’s coattails.especially when Shake Shack has pulled it off so well.



These are the salt and vinegar fries. They were okay. They could have used more seasoning. I was impressed by the quantity of fries in an order. Though do beware that this establishment uses peanut oil, something that I only noticed after I ordered. They have one small sign posted behind the registers stating this. I, being allergic to peanuts, had to be very conscious of how much ingesting. This by far put a damper on my experience. At least I am fortunate enough that I was able to tolerate eating some of the fries but others may not be so lucky.


This is the burgerfi cheese burger in a single: natural American Angus burger, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and burgerfi sauce served on potato bread. At first I felt the burger to be overly oily, turns out it’s was just the burgerfi sauce. I don’t think the sauce did anything for flavor, if anything I overwhelmed the burger for me. I did enjoy that they used potato bread. It was the best part of the sandwich.

This place gets a 3 out of 5. It wasn’t terrible but it didn’t stand out. I’d maybe eat a burger from here again without the sauce.



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