Food Reviews

Malecón – Washington Heights, NYC

My mom’s friend was here visiting not too long ago, her ultimate mission was to try all the cuisines NYC and its surrounding areas had to offer. Given my mother’s love for all things Dominican, so much so that my brother is half Dominican. We decided to venture up to Washington Heights. El Malecon serves up traditional Dominican Cuisine is a welcoming setting.


They gave us free bread. I mean is there anything better than toast bread served with butter. The bread was nice and warm. There was a lot more bread in this basket but it completely slipped my mind, I just honestly have no self-control when it comes to bread.


This is the side salad we ordered. If was huge. If there is one anything I can say about this place is that the serving sizes are generous.


This are the Tostones. I could eat these all day long. The exterior was nice and crispy enough to hear the crunch in each bite. In interior of these we nice and soft cooked just to the right point. I mean it would be a damn shame if I came to a Dominican restaurant that did not know its way around a green plantain.


This is the most amazing rice is have ever tried. It was full of flavor and very aromatic. With lentils, and peppers to give this dish an amazing taste.


This was the amazing, delectable, juicy, rotisserie chicken. the meat just fell off the bone. The skin! Well just look at it! So crispy, so crunchy, so yummy.


At last. You didn’t think I would stop at a Dominican place without trying the mofongo, now did you. I obviously had to get the shot with a Presidente in the background. The mofongo was one of the best I’ve had. Nice and crisp on the outside. but soft on the inside. The green plantains were well mashed. There were no odd lumps and the smoother parts were perfect. The mofongo was not overly greasy as many tend to be and you did get the pork flavor throughout.

Overall this place gets a 5 out of 5. Their food was delicious and authentic. The hospitality, as is in most Dominican places, spectacular and welcoming. The service was even better. Being a group of 5 we asked our server to bring us enough food for all of us. and she did! there was the perfect amount of food for us. There was nothing left over but we were also incredibly full. Check this place out!


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