Food Reviews

SGD DUBU – Edgewater, NJ

This was part of my mother’s friends journey across all cuisines available in America. Obviously wanting to giver her amazing view to take back with her on her travels, I wanted to expose her to the culture we have to offer here in our neck of the woods.

We decided to take her to SGD DUBU known for its healthy spins on Korean classics.  They served up everything in the classic Korean BBQ Style, pickled this, picked that, take a look.




This is the Pork Bugogi. If was very good and full of flavor. But it was overly spicy! I did enjoy the nice crunch from all the vegetables.


This was the beef bugogi.  This perhaps was the most disappointing.  It was flavorful, but you didn’t really get the whole effect of letting the beef caramelize while it cooked.  The cuts weren’t all that great either.


This is the Chicken Teriyaki.  This by far was the best dish, The chicken was cut well and cook well.  The flavors were nice and strong.

This place gets a 2.5 out of 5. Overall the experience was a bit of a let down.  I wouldn’t suggest going here for Korean BBQ but I do think I’ll be back to try something else on their menu.   The service was alright, they were very busy on this night.




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